Barryville Attractions

Dual Racing Zip Lines

3854 Route 97
Barryville, NY
(845) 557-8611
It is one of the largest Big Zips in the US! Drop 36 stories from the top of our own private mountain. Zip through and above the treetops, 150 feet in the air while taking in the magnificent birds eye view of the Delaware River. Depending on participants weight speeds of 40-60 MPH are reached. Your ride takes place on NY side of the Delaware River towards the end the lines parallel Route 97. You can wave to the passing cars, this ride is a traffic stopper!!

Paintball & Adventure Center

Route 97
Barryville, NY
Kittatinny Paintball features exceptional mountaintop playing fields overlooking the beautiful Delaware River. We’ll provide you with everything you need and take you to the top of the mountain in a military troop transport truck – this aint no bus ride, Jack!

Dual Racing Zip Lines 3854 Route 97 Barryville (845) 557-8611
Kittatinny Canoes & Zip Line 3854 Route 97 Barryville (800) 356-2852
Paintball & Adventure Center Route 97 Barryville 845-557-8611